collection archive of my transcribed band arrangements containing all relevant piano, guitar, bass, drum parts

each chart is 2 pages with vamp sections for gig’n ease

scroll down to view charts or use the filter links to the right

alternatively you can visit my online folder containing all pdf charts, sibelius 6 files, and transposed keys


6 Responses to “Welcome”

  1. Abby Says:


    I’m trying to find piano sheet music for “After all is said and done” by Beyonce and Marc Nelson. It’s from the movie the Best Man. Any way you can help?


  2. Rhan Wilson Says:

    Dude! I was looking for a chart of Macy Gray’s “Why Didn’t you Call me” and thinking I was going to get some online crappy chart…. I found yours!!! THANK YOU!!!! Now, I need Erykah Badu’s “Bag Lady” and “Tyrone”… and well, “Gimme One Good Reason” by Tracy Chapman. I can make those, but yours are sweet!!!

    • joelpj Says:

      @Rhan Thanks man. Yeah i got sick of the crappy online charts so made some of my own. Nice songs. I might get round to charting them next session I play. Peace out

  3. Wayne Morn Says:

    Hi I’ve tried to access your dropbox folder but it doesn’t work anymore, do you have any other links to your charts?

    Cheers Dude

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